I slap on a campaign sticker. I drive a very dirty car. I wash the very dirty car, a bit half-assed(ly), because it was cold and getting dark. I show you the difference between the words "clean" and "dirty." All rubber hose. I find that nothing has broken and the clutch is as easy as that of a newish BMW. All this and more on tonight's... C4 update.

I tried ordering an AC Delco Brake Master Cylinder from Rock Auto. It sold out as I filled out the order form. I kept resubmitting until I went back and saw that it was no longer in the catalog. Then I order one from Corvette AmericaⓇ only to find that there's a two week plus wait for '85 Brake Master Cylinder. An exclusive part, just for '85 cars. Are '85 owners just now getting their cars out of the garage for 30th anniversary drives or some shit? The mechanic orders it and it arrives two hours later somehow. Lesson learned: brake master cylinders are your master, and they are going to show you who's boss.

Dirty SR20s


Clean SR20


There were even two feathers on that hood. Birds. That's all I have to say.

I got a new all rubber hose at Sears. It had a lifetime warranty, but the store was pretty bad. Also a decent hangar-thing for it and a new nozzle. Worked well. I have yet to try out the Chemical Guys products I acquired, however.

My neighbor bought a pristine E23 735i for $500. He gave me a roundel he had lying around; they are bent to the unique curvature of the trunk.


Campaign sticker.


To finish things off, here's a nice photo I found on corvetteforum. It turns out that there are people on there with photo taking ability!(!!)

There are others that I will retrieve tomorrow if you so desire.