Some of you may remember my post from Thursday about a road trip I took with this all Allroad:

I wanted to post today about how well the trip went and how nothing on it broke. Most of that is true.

The trip did go well, the tint/OEM sunshades kept me cool and made me feel awesome, and after 13 years the interior is still beautiful. I love wagons even more after we stuffed everything in it with ease, tailgated out of the back for the Michigan baseball game, and the Allroad made it home without a hiccup. My girlfriends brother wants to get rid of it next year. If that happens, it will be mine.

So what was broken? I got a text from my gf’s dad, saying my DD received new racing stripes while I was gone:


At least someone left info this time. Now it’s time for estimates and insurance stuff I suppose. I joked a few weeks ago about how this car has been in the shop 5 times in the last 1.5 years and this was the longest stretch. I spoke too soon. They were really nice and a apologetic about it and stuff happens, no use making a big deal out of it.