So you may know, you may not, but I rented a C7 Corvette Z51 2LT on Turo for a 3 day road trip through central/southern Florida. Short story, TONS OF FUN, long story, keep reading.

My co-driver and I picked up the car at MCO, and it just immediately wins everyone over with the looks. The red, the shape, everything just screams awesome. AWESOME! But, I already knew this. So, I actually had to drop off my other rental (from my work trip) which meant my co-driver got to drive it first. Un. Fair. Oh well, I eventually got in the driver seat and took us to get lunch.

We both immediately noted how planted the car feels, it just can’t be shaken. The rear tires were bare though so hard accelerations made for some light fish-tailing.

The options in this thing are pretty incredible too. Heated and cooled seats, with great bolstering and adjustments. The screen goes down to reveal a little phone cubby. The dual-climate control is easy and there’s even an extra passenger setup which is just about the only thing geared towards the passenger in the car. And of course, the HUD!


The HUD is so cool, I think I barely looked at the actual gauges. The GPS directions, music, and pretty much anything else you want can all be displayed. Also, the different displays with the different modes are pretty great. Weather mode (not really tested), Eco mode (shuts 4 cylinders down.. got up to 29 mpg average), Touring mode (basically normal), Sport mode (a little more aggressive), and Track mode (ALL AGGRESSIVE). Spent the city-type driving in sport mode, small highway treks in touring, long highway treks in eco, and accelerations in track.


One thing that stands out is the amount of available storage. It’s really crazy for this sized car, though kind of obvious given the hatch size. We had 2 LARGE duffel bags, and 2 big backpacks, but still had room for my co-driver to buy essentially another backpack of gear... and then some.

However, the height of the trunk and wing do make it a bit worrying to load. You just feel like you’ll dent or scratch something. Not the worst thing, but it’s a small detractor.

Another small detractor is the cup holders. I will say though, they’re in the right place. But, they’re basically a small cell-phone pocket with a splitter shaped for cups. This splitter doesn’t stay in place, and constantly falls down through acceleration or braking when anything is in a holder.


See that? It’s just an example pic, but really it happens OFTEN. Oh and in this pic is the electronic parking brake which, I know they’re ubiquitous now, I don’t like them. It does turn off automatically so you can’t really forget it being on, but it seemed to be like a USB connector. Try it one way, doesn’t work, try the other, doesn’t work, try the first way, it works. WHAT THE HELL.

So I’m nitpicking a bit, but that was the point wasn’t it? Let’s move onto the transmission... 7 speeds is NOT NECESSARY. However, every auto journalist has already said this, but have they said why? I think it’s just honestly confusing trying to get into and out of 7th. Even getting into 1st was a chore, which may just be this particular car, but it kept kicking us out of gear when we tried to get going. The gauges show the gear selected, but the shifter just pops out. Poor showing. On top of that, it feels like you have to find every gear, rather than them just being the easy progression they should be. I’m going to admit something, sadly, but I VASTLY prefer the transmission on my Mustang. 6 speeds and each gear selects just right. Small letdown here.


Moving on, the targa top is pretty sweet. It removes easily, stores in the trunk, and still gives you most of the trunk space. Also, the car looks really great with the top off. Personally, I look really great with the top off :p

At highway speeds, the wind is buffeted perfectly. Barely touched our hair, made no bad noises, and just overall was way more pleasant than I anticipated.


So, we did 600 miles of driving, in the city, on highways, over a TON of speedbumps at a college. The suspension is incredible, we both agreed it handled the speedbumps better than our own cars (my Mustang, his WRX), and it completely put to rest my worries about ride height. The car is super easy to drive in traffic too. It feels quick, but it doesn’t feel like there’s too much power to handle. It was just as easy as any car, other than the shifting I mentioned.

Before my final thoughts, just thought I’d share that we saw this cool Ferrari at the gas station. Sorry for the bad pic though.


FINAL THOUGHTS: The car is special. Incredibly special. Tons of great options, many I didn’t even mention. It drives so smoothly in every aspect. It’s fun, it’s cool, and for the price it’s hard to beat. BUT, I’m not sold. We went fast (allegedly higher than the limit) and it just never felt like we were doing much. I honestly prefer the feeling in my Mustang when I go around turns, and accelerate. It’s just too smooth, which is really weird to say, and really weird to find that I don’t prefer it. Same for my previous transmission epiphany. So, will I buy one? Maybe. But I DEFINITELY still have to check out the M2 and Cayman.