C8 preorders - how many buyers will be willing to wait an extra x? months for their car because of the strike?

How many will get impatient and just move on to something else?

How long would you wait?

I know a Model 3 owner who waited like 2 YEARS after he drove 4 hours and waited in line to put down his deposit on the first day.


As much fun as it might be to have the first one on your block, I can’t imagine that there’s any way that I’d ever be willing to wait months or a year to buy a car that I won’t even get to test drive before signing the papers. Same with ever paying over MSRP for a car. Nope, I’ll just wait - thanks.

The only exception would be if I had the means and connections to buy a limited production car that was all but guaranteed to increase in value (see: Ford GT, etc.). Don’t think I ever have to worry about finding myself in that situation - ha!

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