edit: reposting for the morning crowd

If any of you have seen my previous post (same hashtag). You’ll know I was putting in a beam to open up my kitchen to my living/dining. That is now in place and I’ve moved on to cabinet installation.


I’m always extremely frustrated when people have fridges protruding too far from their fridge cabinet, so that’s what I started with, I made damn sure fridge cabinet was exactly the right depth of my fridge to tuck all the way in. Here’s a picture of the spacer I built to make that happen:

I had a plumber in today to deal with some galvanized piping I just couldn’t budge loose without worrying about destroying all sorts of things. So now my hot water pipe comes up in a spot that doesn’t block the dishwasher which will be sliding in next to the fridge in the first picture.

So the plan tomorrow is to get the dishwasher into place with the help of a friend and hopefully we’ll also get the sink installed. Below is a picture of the installed beam, with a minimal support wall still in place to temporarily hold some electrical that used to be in the wall.


Any comments, suggestions or criticisms are welcome!

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