So when outlet house flooded back in July, our cabinets in the dining room were damaged. So we ordered new ones. And waited. And then they showed up, and one was damaged. So reordered. And wait. And now we’re ready for our installer to handle it tomorrow, and we’re looking them over, and goddamnit, do they look a little small? Fuck. They were supposed to be the same thing from home Depot, who made the original ones. Bit they fucked up and ordered the cabinets a size smaller, for some unknown reason. We could bitch at home Depot and have them fix this, but we are done. So fucking done.

S we have one of the cabinets that they sent originally with cosmetic damage. Wife came.up with the odeayof cutting it up, and piecing it together, smaller, for a little wine cabinet. Is that crazy? How would I disassemble the thing intact? Help!


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