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Cabriolet, moderately ablaze

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Was driving home in my Cabby and hit a small bump, saw some bright sparks in the center console, followed briefly by white smoke. Lovely. Now the instrument cluster light doesn’t work anymore, but the radio does now. Odd.


My car was equipped with center gauges. I say “was” because all the glass faces had broken off and I was tired of the rattles, so I removed them. I guess the battery gauge had 12v directly from the battery and arced off something when I hit a bump. Surprising, startling, but not serious. Probably. I pulled the negative off the battery cable to break the circuit so it shouldn’t present itself in the meantime, but we’ll see if there’s still a Cabby there in the morning.

In the meantime, recommend me an in car fire extinguisher and hold down bracket, Oppo.

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