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LUNCH IS Cacio e Pepe!

This is about the most simple but delicious fancy dish you could ever hope to make. If you suck at cooking or just never tried I bet you can do this and it is very versatile want to add garlic sure do that red pepper and black peper why not add a little cream some fresh herbs maybe some bacon or peas or something nearly anything would work.

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Using quality ingredients is a must its so simple each ingredient needs to shine and dont use that kraft cheese crap in a can that powdered junk just clumps up in my experience.


thats it! It is delicious the sauce is a creamy buttery cheesy sauce like a grown up mac and cheese also a lot of pepper which give it a spicy bite. Serve this crap to your date with a simple salad and she will think your are some kind of interesting guy whose spent time in italy or something.

RING TIME 15 minutes most of this is how long it takes your water to boil

90 points out of 100

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