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Okay everyone, here is a little more Cactus info/review from a “professional”, just not a professional in the auto industry.

Today we took the Cactus from Frankfurt to Beieren (Bayern). The trip was great. We had heavy traffic for a while, but the navigation is pretty good, and offers deviations where needed.


We are now at our destination, in a small town close to the Czech border, and it is pretty “hilly” up here. Sometimes that was a challenge for the little Cactus and its three cilinders, especially because the transmission wants to select the most efficient gear at all times, sometimes just when a road goes uphill. But, either step on the gas, or use the flippers and there is enough power, even though sometimes it takes a few seconds and the engine revs up like it’s 1999.

Other things I noticed are: The car really sticks in the corners. This car has that magic where you think you’re driving nice and slow, but really you’re going faster than it feels. It’s a quality larger cars mostly possess. I like the feedback of the physical buttons (there are a few, most of them on the steering wheel). They feel solid. The whole car feels solid. I keep turning my head when going backwards, but it has a camera and all the other modern comforts that beep softly when you get close to objects. The two displays are clearly readable, even in bright sunlight.


More to come! This “professional” really needs 199809375872635876 winks. Talk to you soon.

PS - AMA, ask away!

PS2 - Cactuslopnik(tm) is an unregistered trademark of Sir Patrick.

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