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Cadillac Colorado/Canyon

Cadillac can outdo a fancy Nissan

I literally couldn’t be more surprised we haven’t heard this from Cadillac yet. When you think about it, it’s a no brainer for 4 reasons

  • Mercedes is going to debut the X-class soon, but won’t be in the US yet
  • The Colorado/Canyon twins are selling well and were designed to be more suburban and comfortable from the beginning
  • The Escalade is Cadillac’s flagship and biggest seller, the XT5 is also doing well (where’s the XT3?) and GMC sells tons of Denali trim trucks. Clearly the market is there
  • If anyone is going to pull off a luxury pickup truck, Cadillac has the best shot.

So what would make it stand out from its siblings besides the obvious chrome, leather and wood? Easy, Chevy’s small block V8. A six cylinder diesel couldn’t hurt either if I’m honest.

EDIT: @opposaurus has made an awesome render


If Cadillac can make a great product before Mercedes brings their X-class over (which they will), they won’t be playing catch up like BMW and VAG will inevitably be doing in 7-10 years.

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