Cadillac CT6 gets the Blackwing V8 in top trim for 2020 and its cp

I’m all for Cadillac trying you know? But we all know and see they don’t know what they are doing. And customers don’t seem to think that the vehicles, outside of the Escalade are worth the price.

Case in point: witness the 2020 CT6 which adds the V’s Blackwing V8 as the sole engine option on the Platinum trim for ‘20. Its pretty much a luxury trimmed CT6 V but without the V trim.


For 2020 the CT6 just trims down to 2 engine choices and AWD as the only option. Its either the 3.6 or the V8. Both are paired to 10 speed autos. But anyway back to the Platinum trim

It starts at an eye watering $97,490. Standout standard features include:

  • 4.2L Twin Turbo V8 engine, 500 hp and 574 lb-ft of torque
  • 20-way adjustable heated, ventilated and massaging front seats
  • Rear seat infotainment
  • 20" Platinum Twin 5-Spoke alloy wheels

The big news besides the V8 for 2020 is that Super Cruise is standard on the Platinum trim. Onstar should be ready for all the calls they are going to get from confused seniors about the green light glowing on their steering wheel. I honestly don’t expect many people to use it or even know the car is equipped with it. But I digress...

There 10 exterior color choices 2 of them (Crystal White Tricoat & Red Horizon Tintcoat) being $600 options. Interior color choices are kind of spartan with this being a 6 figure car. Your only choices are black or cashmere.


There is only one exterior option package as well. For $2,395 the Exterior Accent package consists of 20" Midnight Silver alloy wheels and a rear spoiler. I added this. Other exterior options are an additional stand alone 20" wheel that costs as much as the Exterior package ($2,095) a front license plate bracket and molded splash guards.

Other than the regular accessories of floor mats and cargo organizers etc, there aren’t many other options. Well there aren’t any other options at all I should say, which considering its price tag is kind of disappointing. It goes to show how corporate GM is and also points to the problems with being able to customize what amounts to be a mass market vehicle (production wise).


As optioned, you’re looking at a 6 figure Cadillac. $101,185. CP. And as much as I would like Cadillac to succeed, I wouldn’t pay this. Better money is spent elsewhere. I never thought I would be saying this, but you can get a Lincoln Continental Black label that looks better for less. It might have less power ( 400 horses is nothing to scoff at) and be FWD, but you will have a better buying experience and more customization as Lincoln assigns a concierge to Black Label buyers to help choose your theme and colors.


But stay on the lookout for V8 CT6s around 2023-2024. They should be fantastic used buys. As are most Cadillac’s.

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