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Cadillac CT6 - Second Impressions

I took my ATS in for an oil change and free wash this morning and got a CT6 as a loaner.

If you’ll recall, this is my second CT6 loaner and I was quite smitten with the last one (here).

Today’s CT6 was more stripped down than the last one, I assume one step up from a base model (a little bit less wood, no HUD, no Panaray sound system). Despite this, I remain quite smitten.


The CT6 rides so incredibly nicely that I had to check to make sure whether my ATS was in “sport” mode when I got back in because it felt so jarring. The CT6 is super smooth, but not at all floaty. It just feels confident. It’s not an autocrosser like the ATS, but it still handles and feels pretty good for a luxury cruiser. The steering is responsive.

The brakes were lovely, the power is lovely, the interior is still a very nice place to be. The parking lot radar system is still incredibly useful.

I did find myself missing the Panaray sound system. The standard stereo is more than adequate for most humans, but I certainly noticed a difference.

Overall, if you are looking for a unique luxury car that doesn’t float all over in the twisties, I still recommend a CT6. I’m trying to talk my wife into one.


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