Cadillac logo - Take One

I couldn't sleep so I decided to think about what icon from Cadillac's history might they be able to spin up into an Arts and Science appropriate design.

This is the best I could come up with on my laptop while jamming to Power Sleep on my Brain Waves ap.


I'll put together a few more sketches. I am curious - do you have any ideas for what a new Cadillac logo might look like?

OK. I really need to sleep. Good night.

UPDATE: Good morning! Well I made a few more this morning while eating an egg white sandwhich. I like the idea of keeping the wreath. If they bend it around (much better than I did) and make it the foundation for the crest and leave the colors free-floating; I think they'll have them a very nice looking logo.

Boys and gals, I think we just revinvented the Cadillac logo. Drinks all around.

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