Mercedes has AMG models for people with a screw or two loose, but their 'Black' cars are reserved for people missing the screws altogether. Is Cadillac thinking they can appease these crazy-as-batshit people too?

The ATS-V is in development. Best of the rumors says it will be getting the now familiar 3.6TT which can be found in the XTS Vsport and CTS Vsport, with 410hp/370lb-ft and 420hp/430lb-ft respectively.
The twin-turbo V6 is expected to be turning out closer to 450hp in the ATS-V. This is good, especially considering the amount of weight the M3/M4 have shed combined with their 425hp BMW estimate, and we all know how BMW estimates.

Now comes word that Cadillac is working on even more powerful version of their V cars. Or at least the ATS-V. GM Authority and MT are referring to it as ATS-V+. '+'? I'm not sure about that, maybe a little 'R' sub-letter post 'V'. Or maybe just a winky face instead of an R would be more fitting.

Naming aside, this wild beast of an engine, caged inside the Alpha platform, is apparently not going to be a futher tuned version of the twin-turbo 3.6L. It will be a different engine altogether. V8 in fact. LT4 a la 2015 Z06? Maybe the 4.5TT V8 that was in the Elmiraj concept? Can we dream that the LS7 will live on past the Z/28!? According to MT this engine will not be the twin-turbo LT1 (LT5, I think is what it'll be called) that is intended for the CTS-V and also according to them the next ZR1.
This 'V+' is expected by 2017.


Do they know what they are talking about in regards to any of this: ATS-V+, ZR1, LT1 TT? Let's hope so.

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