"To try and challenge the Germans in their own backyard without the right cars and powertrains is an exercise in futility," said Cadillac boss de Nysschen to Autocar.

Which makes sense. So the plan is to establish the brand as more global first by building up the US and Asia first, and then starting building the goods to be competitive on the old Continent. Which is to say diesel engines and a sub-ATS compact to challenge the A3, 1/2 series et al. That one's due by the end of the decade.

Interesting tidbit, de Nysschen admits that the decades-long 'will they, won't they?' flip flopping, and especially the badge engineering hurt them badly.


For the avoidance of doubt: a range of well established companies will continue to supply Caddies to determined Europeans who can afford not to care about gas guzzler taxes and $8 a US gallon petrol for the privilege of owning a notBMW, an unAudi or misMercedes. Not many of them, though.

The trolling, then, was purely for a domestic audience.