For those that are not in the know a brief overview of the Cadillac XLR. The XLR was introduced in 2004 as a Mercedes SL fighter priced at $75,000. It came with a 5 speed auto and roughly 320hp from the 4.6 Northstar V8 under the hood. In 2006 along with the base XLR Cadillac introduced the V model with a 6 speed auto and a supercharged 4.4 V8 producing roughly 440hp. The Cadillac XLR-V cost 100,000 dollars. The Cadillac XLR ended production in 2009 after mixed reviews.

What made the XLR such a tough car to sell had more to do with the Corvette than it did with XLR. Why would anyone buy a car that was only automatic and cost thousands more than GM’s darling? The XLR lived in the shadow of the Corvette it’s entire production life. After the car ceased production though it has become a bit of a unicorn. A rare drop top Cadillac that offers something the Corvette never can, uniqueness and luxury.

The Corvette wasn’t the XLR’s only problem. The star of the Cadillac lineup wasn’t the six figure grand tourer but instead the Cadillac CTS-V, a 550hp weapon of terror. Furthermore the automatic CTS had paddle shifters and the XLR did not which in the naughties was a ridiculous mistake by Cadillac.


Keeping those factors in mind do you think the Cadillac XLR will be a future classic. Or like the Allante will the XLR just be another failed attempt by Cadillac at a Mercedes SL fighter?