I'm sure most of you saw the post about Caddy getting ready to debut a new family of V6 engines next month, likely at the New York Auto Show. Well, thanks to having the GM VIN decoder page bookmarked, some key information can be gleaned about this and other GM passenger cars (and I can probably get in trouble).

The new Cadillac V6

First up, the new V6. As the article headline reads, the RPO code is the LGX. All of one letter changed. Eh, okay. Anyway, like it's predecessors, it's a 3.6L affair, though exact displacement likely won't be known until they announce it. It's still naturally aspirated and still uses DI. The thing I find interesting is the use of the 'GEN2' in the description. This makes me think it's a new version of the High Feature architecture, which, given the fact that the High Feature was introduced a little over 10 years ago, makes sense. This new engine is only for the Alpha platform cars; the XTS soldiers on with the existing LFX 3.6L. Another interesting tidbit (to me, anyway) is that the LF4 TT V6 from the ATS-V is described as 'GEN1+'; one would wonder if tricks and features from the LGX were incorporated into the LF4.

New generations of the Camaro, Cruze, and Malibu coming for MY 2016.


This next part isn't really that much of a surprise. GM released a teaser image of the new Malibu today, more or less confirming the New York debut, but if memory serves, we weren't expected to get the new gen Cruze for another year. The Camaro is absent from the current version of the VIN decoder completely, which pretty much confirms that the 6th gen will debut as a 2016 model (I had expected them to wait until MY 2017, for maximum nostalgia). The appending of 'Limited' to the existing Cruze and Malibu models is GM speak for 'fleet-only'.


The SS and Caprice aren't being dropped (for now).


Finally, despite the belief by some Jalopnik editors that the SS isn't selling (even though it's selling as well as can be expected, given it's low volume status), the SS, and it's cousin the Caprice cop car, live on for at least another year. No apparent changes to either, though (so we'll have to wait for the order guide to come out to see if that rumored 1LE pack for the SS is an actual thing).

Disclaimer: I don't work for GM, or any manufacturer. I just thought people might want to know this.