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Caffeine & Carburetors is in 2 weeks!

And my car isn’t ready.... And wont be cause I dont have the time to touch it. It will at least be washed, and will probably have a different set of wheels on If I can get to polishing them in time (doubtful). Like it does every year, tax season is running me ragged, up side is all the overtime, downside is all the overtime.

I have a few project up in the air that I dont see me getting to till May. So far on the back burner are:


Coilovers (not straight forward, requires lots of custom fabing for the front, and some for the rear) dual adjustable (compression & rebound) race konis for the front and dual adjustable QA1s for the rears.

Modified assembly
OEM assembly

Also have to finish the rear brake brackets for Brembo 4 pots to match the 6 pots already on the front.


For the interior: the headliner has a wicked sag so that’s coming out, and my door cards need attention as well, going to be doing both in black swede. I’ll do the door cards first since I bought a spare set to mess with, so by the time I get to the headliner I would be a little more experienced with adhesive process.

Here’s sorta what I’m hoping to accomplish for the door cards, only with a twist that I will reveal when they’re done.

Anyways, lots to do, and little time to do it. Hope you fuckers are putting your tax refunds to good use.

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