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California LA area Oppos please explain the canyons and coastal driving around LA (bumped for day views)

Hey all, coming to LA next week with my family. Mostly doing kiddo things but set aside a day to “drive around”. We are staying close to Anaheim. I’m thinking for our cruising day we want to drive south towards Laguna Beach and down the coast a ways from there. I see some “canyon” roads on the map, is that what you all talk about when “driving the canyons”?

What makes for some interesting driving and sightseeing that includes some coastal views? Theoretically we rented a Camaro convertible, but who knows what we’ll actually get. And I have no idea how we will fit our luggage in the car lol. Kid friendly stops are welcome, but kid friendly like ice cream and a cool statue, not rides and stuff... I see on google maps a “pirate tower” - is that a thing to stop and explore or just some gimmicky tourist trap?


editing to add - is “top of the world” really a thing, and is it decent to spend time at or just another touristy trappy thing?

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