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California Opponauts, Unite!

On Highway 99 between Madera and Fresno, there is a pine tree growing next to a palm tree.

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Local legend has it that these trees were planted to mark the geographic center of California, and the joining of North and south. The pine represents the north, and the palm represents the south. A number of times over the years, CalTrans has proposed to cut these trees down, and has been stopped by community outcry.

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We are planning a center of California Oppo meet, greet, drive and eat at my house in Fresno. Here’s the deal. The weekend of 7/28 and 7/29 is open, and Mrs. IM will be tending to her dad post-surgery in the PNW. She has blessed this plan. My thought was we meet, go for a 2-3 hour spirited drive in the foothills, then BBQ and pool party at my house. Oppos who want to stay will be welcome, and couches and floors will be available. I will provide food, but now that I don’t drink it will be BYOB.

A couple of you have indicated that you are in. If you are serious about coming, call my office at 559 432 3000 and tell my assistant, Ariel, who you are. I will need a solid lost so I know how much food to prepare.

Here is a bonus - you don’t even have to like me to be invited! Oppo rules will apply, so there will be no dick behavior allowed. If you have clashed with me in kinjaworld, it’s cool because this is reality and we can all eat and swim and enjoy cars together.

The one downside of this plan is that it will be late July in Fresno. It WILL be hot as balls. Really hot. Plan accordingly.

Who's in?

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