We all know the good things about California: nice roads, sunshine, great temperatures, a care free attitude, and California Girls (which annoyingly is also a Katy Perry song - which doesn’t hold a candle to the Beach Boys, but I digress...) so instead of focusing on the positive, let’s instead focus on the negative.

#1: Gas Prices

The rest of the US has enjoyed a lovely reprieve from the high gas prices. But Californians pay an extra 30-90 cents extra per gallon over the rest of the US. So why you ask? California has it’s own “smog friendly” blends, it has no pipelines to connect to the rest of the US crude supply, the refineries are outdated, the gas tax is the 2nd highest in the US (59.32 cents combined state/federal on each gallon -28% over national average), and it’s incredibly far for ships carrying crude to reach it.

Don’t expect it to get better, either. The rise in electric cars / hybrids infrastructure problems have them looking to raise the gas tax even higher.

Look forward to the continuation of California Sucks as I look deep into the automotive nightmare that is California.