Welcome back to California Sucks - a series of posts where I extol the virtues suck that is the 3rd world country of California. Last time it was gas prices, this time it’s protesters.

You may know the Black Lives Matter folks - like many other movements, they found an easily activated group of potential terrorists in California. Those people, the sons and daughters of drug addled flower children, aren’t playing with all their marbles.

Well today was like any other California - full of traffic. Except it’s a holiday so the Bay Bridge should have been clear. Except that a bunch of overweight nincompoops decided to don their own flavor of BDSM and chain themselves to the bridge and their Rav4L.

But this isn’t the first time. In fact, jumping into traffic is now a favorite pastime among the bay area brainless. It’s not even limited to Berkeley these days. It’s spilled into southern California and the brain-sucking disease occasionally crops up in other parts of the country.

But don’t worry, no judge in California ever convicts people who do this - despite breaking the law. That would ruin all the fun.