Call around

My wifes GX alternator crapped the bed yesterday. I guess the whine I heard under the hood wasn’t the power steering pump telling me it was time for new fluid (which it probably is). It happens, its got 123k and while that feels a little short lived its not out of the real of possible failure points. So I called the dealer closest to my work for convenience sake to see what a genuine Denso alternator was going to cost me - $987. HA!

So I called the dealer I normally work with what the part will cost me. - $487+ core. Still good but not great. I called my mechanic and he quoted me $314 for the same part from Denso.


I was in a hurry to get her car back on the road so I had them do it and solve the rear pinion seal of the T-case leak for $500.

I kinda knew not to trust my cars to this first dealer but I thought I would check.

Call around.

Sidenote - anyone know how hard it is to replace steering rack bushings on a 2005 accord 2.4?

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