I’ve build a gaming pc on a budget 3 or 4 years back (and upgraded the RAM and GPU 2 years back) and it’s really starting to show with some newer AAA games. I also play a lot of indies but most often those are not as resource intensive. So I face the dilemma of either upgrading my GPU and CPU and therefore my motherboard. Or spend that money on a PS4 and keep using the pc for the indie games.

The current pc specs are:

  • AMD A8 3850 2,9Ghz
  • Asus F1 A55-M motherboard
  • MSI Radeon r9 270x (piece of sh*t that only works on drivers from several years ago. Really, I’ve had nothing but trouble with this one. So I’d favour giving Nvidia a shot as a graphics card)
  • 8GB Ram DDR3 1600
  • 650w PS

Maximum budget would be around 450/500 dollars/euros. About the price of a ps4 and a couple of games.

The budget would be about the CPU, motherboard and GPU. Possibly upgrading the RAM and HDDs are not included in this budget.

As a found out on reddit where I also posted this, take in account a 10-20% price difference for parts from the US to the Netherlands where I live.