I'll be trading these soon, but here's your chance to tell me how you want them customized, and what you'd be willing to trade for 'em. (custom preorder basically)

Format requests as such: "I want the {model name} in {color} with {aesthetic mods if applicable such as no spoiler, if you want the edges smoothed out on a bodykit just ask for the Formana package}".

Ferrari 458 in gold/red: preorder only, be warned was first custom so quality not so great

Lamborghini Estoque


Dodge Challenger

Honda S2000


Tesla Roadster

Skyline GT-R


Shelby Daytona

"Qwik n Sik"


'92 BMW M3

Toyota 2000 GT


Chevy Corvette C6 ZR-1


Race truck

Chevelle wagon


Mad Manga

Colors available:

-Silver (proper silver, not this gloss nonsense)

-matte-finish white

-satin-finish white

-gold (reddish)

-copper (goldish)


-candy red

-gloss orange

-flat black

I can do any of the above colors in gloss or satin as well, except for white. Finishes are lacquer, enamel, or acrylic.