And guess what? Someone in my house did it.

Someone made an account last night then decided to buy an iPhone 6 from a vendor on Amazon. They used the name of my previous tenant and my address. The order shipped today and will arrive at my house.

To the best of my ability, I can only conclude that my current tenant did this. My previous tenant has no reason to ship it to my house. She already has her own place to live and she has a restraining order against her. Also, why would she make up a different last name?

Likewise, my tenant had been obsessing over iPhones for the past week, so it’s a mighty strange coincidence that someone would steal my debit card and ship an item to my house using that same money.

Now, I’m going to get the money back in less than 12 hours. The iPhone will be delivered within a few days.


As for my tenants, they’re probably going to be arrested.