Calling all 3D modeling Oppos: I'm a bit (SUPER) scared

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Because I’ve been meaning to dabble in mod cars for games like Trackmania, Assetto Corsa, and rFactor, I signed up for this 3D Modeling and Animation course. At first I was happy that I can learn how those guys do it, then suddenly I realized that this thing could be really out of my league, to say nothing of my shit-tier Aspire Z computer.


Here are the course outlines. They’re all things I’m completely unfamiliar with. And while I can say I’m a fast learner, I can’t draw for shit. Like, my hands can’t draw what my mind imagines in the way I want to see it on a page or a screen. And sure as shit I can’t draw a human. What do, Oppo? Hold my hand, for I fear the night.

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