Computer question inside. Here’s a sketch I just did while trying to figure out what the problem is. Mentioned it here on Monday. I can usually figure out how to fix shit, but this one’s stumping me. Maybe someone here knows something I don’t.

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Ok, so my Surface Book 2 has started blinking the screen while I sketch in Photoshop. I’ll try to record a video of it, if you’re interested. All my shit’s paid, so I’m not working on some janky hack version of anything. This is a new problem. I thought at first it was just the SB’s screen brightness adjustment, but I’ve turned that off and on with no difference.


Then I tried turning off hardware acceleration in PS, based on some Adobe forum squawks, and that hasn’t helped, either. I’m starting to think that it’s a bluetooth-related thing with the stylus.

I’m just at a loss, here. When things that work just stop working for no discernible reason, it starts making me crazy.

Anyway, any insight is appreciated. I know y’all have some smarts. Show me some insight.

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