CALLING ALL MARYLAND/DC OPPOs - lets have a meet up (poll inside)

After reading mr_benjamin_rolland's OPPO meet idea, I wanted to plan a half decent one for my area. The problem is logistics. I don't really know where the majority of people will be coming from. So, it's up to all of you to choose. I figure this venture could be in June. Not official, but let me know what weekends would not work for you. I figure the best venues are DC, Bertonsville, Ellicott City, Baltimore, or Hunt Valley.

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Now, I will go over each describing what I know

DC - Not much I know of but a nice venue with plenty of options

Bertonsville - Nice size C&C every Sun. morning

Ellicott City - Beautiful old historic town with plenty of nice backroads to cruise

Baltimore - Has the Harbor and Fells Point, nice place to cruise if you like cities and urban landscapes

Hunt Valley - Has a decent C&C every Sat., also plenty of nice backroads that I grew up on

*Please participate in the poll and leave any, or all, suggestions. If you have a great idea or accommodation, post it.


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