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Calling all New England Jalops/Oppos - Queen City Cars & Coffee III

As a lover of this cult-of-cars-thing we all share here and a lifelong resident of New Hampshire, I'm mildly distressed about the car show scene here in the Granite State. We have a decent share of organized shows, but I've noticed a serious need for something fresh and new. Which is where Queen City Cars & Coffee comes in. The show is in its third year and the turnout and response has been overwhelmingly positive each time. This year's show is on Saturday, September 13 from 8am to 12pm at Arms Park in Manchester, NH. This could be a great opportunity for fellow New England Jalops and Oppositelock fans to get together, finally meet one and another face-to-face, and nerd out around our common love - cars! Like any cars and coffee event, Queen City Cars & Coffee is free and there are no restrictions on what kinds of cars can be shown - it's all about meeting people and having a good time. With our powers combined, we can help put NH on the map for than just, like, rocks, maple syrup, and foliage. Jalops unite!


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