Calling All Oppos with extra tires

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Hey Everyone,

I will be going to the American Muscle Mustang show in PA this coming August. While there, I will be taking part in the burnout competition.


Since I obviously do not want to use my new GT500 tires, or even my winter set for that matter as they are a year old (I really did not think this through), the plan was to buy two cheap used tires for 100-125 and mount them on my winter wheels.

That is proving to be harder then expected due to the 19inch wheel combo. So I ask the following.


1) Does anyone have 2 used tires that will fit a 19x9 wheel that they want to get rid of for cheap? 255/40/19 was stock but something close can work

2) If you have 18" tires mounted on wheels that you want to get rid of, I would be willing to either buy the set if they are cheap enough, or pay you to borrow the wheels and use the tires for the contest. I have no intention of popping a tire while doing this so do not worry about your wheels.


Anyway, Let me know. I am starting to run out of options.

Here is a picture of Scarlett as she sits now, for your troubles. Thanks for your help.


On a side note to any Oppos going to the show. Leave me a reply and lets see if we can meet up.

-Rob Pellegrino

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