Calling all Upper Midwest Oppos! Support our local Rallycross!

Most of you have read a lot about how much fun this stuff is. It’s not been a great year for the northern division of Stateline Rallycross. Car counts have dropped way down since this spring. The last three events have been canceled. They need eight more registered drivers by midnight Wednesday, or all remaining events for the year will be canceled. I implore anybody who is in the area, anybody who can, anybody who has said they would give it a go or just wants to try it out, register in the next two days. It’s such a great group, and it’s so much fun. Let’s not let this go away! All you need is a vehicle that moves under it’s own power and a helmet.

Here’s the event link. DO EEEEEETT!!!!!!

UPDATE: We need seven more drivers registered by tonight, or no more rallycross for the year. I’m not optimistic about next year either.


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