I need your help

A friend has a major issue with his Eurovan, and I am of little help, as VW and I no longer get along.

He has a '95, with the 2.5 straight 5 (ACU). It was running like shit, and the local mechanic diagnosed a head gasket.

After tearing everything down, he says the cylinders are scored, and he needs a new block. Finding such a block is nearly impossible right now in the Northeast. He can find a complete motor, but WOW that price! He's out here on a trip, trying to get it repaired in time to get home, and not looking to drop $5k into this motor.

I told him to find a shop willing to bore the block for him to try to recover it, but the mechanic said it couldn't be done, they used a coating that could not be replaced.


I couldn't find more info on the block, so I ask you, VW faithful, is he right or full of shit? Is it a coating that cannot be replaced, or liners, or nothing? Also, anybody have a better source for an old block, I have had no luck searching for him.

For your troubles, see above, the Eurocamper in its natural habitat. Being lived in long term in the middle of a national park, where it broke down many months ago. At least that's my interpretation.