So my hardrive is kind of shitting out. I have the OS backed up on a flash drive and all my BS on an external hardrive. That’s not the issue though.

I don’t have the burner password for my Kinja account memorized/written down. Will this be an issue after I put the new hardrive in? I’m assuming the automatic login is based of IP address, but I have know idea how/where that’s stored (Hardrive/Wireless card/TheInternet idk much about computers) or if there’s a specific file from my hardrive I need to transfer, that has my internet history.

I just wanna stay out of the grays on Jello-picnic and keep my authorship here :(

Also to give you an idea of how computer savy I am. I’m still using windows 8. So talk to me like a 5 year old. An eighties one, because a modern day 5 year old would know more than me.