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Calling Demuro...or anyone else that had made some money writing.

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My dad writes history and does radio news. Learning how to write properly in school was pretty much a lost cause as, well, as a kid then I believed i was being held to higher expectation than normal people, plus inventive use of wordsmithery (<—-see?) gained bad marks. They could suck it. The problem is that now, officially considered "middle-aged", I had resisted that avenue of learning for so long that it takes extra effort to keep things from being so fragmented and jumbled they make sense. Ideas have been boiling that I really should write down, especially one that is truly out-there-wow-cool. How can an 'adult' improve their writing skills to a level that a possible future editor won't feel like they're wading through a train wreck while reading about a train wreck and therefore experiencing two train wrecks at once.... Tips for all of us adults out here who write horribly because of self-imposed youth stupidity getting in the way?


I guess the punctuation can suck it too. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but that's because the dog is too busy sleeping on your couch and is too comfortable to be bothered.

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