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My wife’s 2007 X3 is just over 206,000 miles right now. I was chatting with a friend who works at a BMW specialty shop, and he said, “oh yeah, man that electric water pump is a real treat. How many times have you done yours?”


To which I replied, “Uhhh... once.” He looked at me like I just told him I sold my first born for a breakfast sandwich, and said they recommend doing them around every 60k; he’s talked to guys that work in dealerships who do them every 50k on their own vehicles, just because they can. A water pump failure on these can be rather sudden and dramatic, leaving you stranded at best, and with an overheated engine at worst.

My wife is clever enough that when the first one failed at 112k, she pulled over immediately and had the thing flatbedded to a nearby trusted shop - actually the same place where we bought it, about a year prior. The engine never got hot; bullet dodged.


You math majors have figured out that if we replaced it at 112k, we’re now WAY over the supposed recommended interval. Whether or not we’re going to replace the pump again isn’t up for discussion.

The question is, what else should we do at the same time? We did a thermostat before, but is that really necessary again? I mean, I guess the one in there now is the same age as the one that was there in 2013, at 112k mileage. I think the part is around $100. The whole job will be many hundreds in total.


Why don’t you just go look on the forums? I hear you asking. Well, because the forum guys will always tell you just to do the full a-z on everything, and to do it yourself to save on labor. Here’s a video how-to. That’s great, but I have no garage, no time, and a foot of freaking snow outside my house. I’m paying a shop that I know and trust, but they don’t work on a jillion of these so they’re asking if I want to do anything else.

What say you?

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