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Calling Harbor Freight fanboys....or fanwomen.

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I would never trust a HF micrometer from China for rebuilding an engine, but I definitely will go all the way with their clamps, bungees, sanding discs and some parts storage bins and non critical spare tools. But for those of you who love HF, at what level will you cut the date short and hit up their name brand hot cousin? I’m looking at work benches, a decidedly non critical device. My cobbled together solutions aren’t really helping the space management. But for $80 above, what’s not to like? Now, checking out the really pricey stuff from Milwaukee and their ball bearing drawers and all that sexy stuff creates $$ desire. But that’s lots of money. It’s also very solid. So, Ive got room for 3 of the HF benches. (About 120") Will I regret going with the HF triplets? Do you users of them regret the buy? Is there something way way better for only $100?


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