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Calling Long Island Opponauts

I have a favor to ask of you, collectively.

My brother has been researching Challengers and finally found one that checks his boxes and is at a good price. The problem is that he is outside Boston, almost 4 hours from the location he has been in contact with for the vehicle. He plans on going down on Wednesday to see, test drive, and likely purchase the vehicle. Carfax checks out and all communications have not presented any red flags. I, unfortunately, cannot join him on the trip to confirm prior to purchase.

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That’s why I am requesting some assistance in either form below:

1) Anyone in the area know or have experience with Northstar Kia?

2) Any tips for making an out of state purchase?

3) Any things to look for specifically on a Challenger?

4) Anyone interested in lending my brother a hand in looking over the car?

I do not expect anyone to have time during the week for request number 4even before considering the request is for a stranger but at the very least if you have had any experience with that specific dealer or group, please chime in.


Thank you. Stay awesome.

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