When I was at the dealer a couple weeks ago they checked the battery. According to them it’s ready to fail. I didn’t want to pay their price for a battery and I wanted to get it checked somewhere else rather than throw money at a dealer, so I told them I’d take my chances on it for the time being. And then forgot to take it anywhere else.

Anyway, they warned me that one of the things that would happen is that it would fail to start if it got too cold. This morning it was -9C. A bit of a slow start, but nothing that I would have noticed without being warned. Didn’t seem too bad. And I hadn’t noticed anything before taking it in either.

The truck is a 2010 on what I believe is the original battery. Advice? Leave it? Replace it? Will any battery do, or are there some to avoid? Is it worth going for a more expensive one are the cheapos ok?

This is the result they got: