Hey guys,

You may or may not know but I had a 2014 Mustang GT for a while before trading it in for my Cayman. One of the mods I got for the mustang is the JMS Pedalmax.

I kept it when I traded in the car, and would like to give someone a good deal on an AWESOME mod. So, to make this not such a sale-only thread, here’s my quick review.

First, it says it’s good for any mustang 11-18 which is cool. It takes 5 minutes to install, basically:

1) Move seat back, 2) Unplug battery, 3) Unclip plug on top of gas pedal, 4) Plug pedal max into that plug and the cable you unplugged, 5) Ziptie cables out of the way, 6) clean up.


Anyway, what is it? Well the title of the device is pretty explanatory (drive by wire throttle enhancement), but essentially it reduces the slight lag between when you push the gas pedal and when the revs actually start to climb. It doesn’t make the car faster... again IT DOESN’T MAKE THE CAR FASTER. But, it is an immediately noticeable improvement.


Launches feel easier, blipping the throttle on downshifts feels WAY better, honestly stop-and-go traffic feels easier. It’s just all smoother.

I don’t know why the unit I have looks different than on americanmuscle.com, but maybe it’s a new model? In any case, I’m asking $200 shipped. It’s not exactly a part that wears down, but hopefully a $90 savings seems generous. I’m honestly not even sure. I’ll even say, if you really don’t like it and get it back to me reasonably quickly, I’ll refund your money.


OH YEAH, the little clip with the red heat shrink (see picture) apparently knocks the response percentage from 100% to 85% if for some reason it revs too quickly for you... I didn’t even try it.

Sorry for the “For Sale” thread, but I really don’t want to sign up for a bunch of forums just to sell it. And Mods, feel free to delete this if it’s against some rules I didn’t know about.