I need some help...

I may have found an excellent track car candidate, but am obviously hesitant to buy anything sight unseen. So I’m hoping there’s someone in the Jacksonville, NC area that would be willing to check out the car for me. I’m in Chicago and would be flying down to get it and drive it back, but obviously am hesistant to buy anything sight unseen. If everything plays out, I’d buy ya a nice dinner and write a very glowing thank you in my write-up of the whole endeavor. I’d be driving back to Chicago with a detour through Tail of the Dragon, so there’d be lots of awesomeness to write about.

So any reliable NC Oppos out there, who aren’t in the market to buy a new toy, that’d be willing to take a look at something for me?

Also, I don’t trust any of you bastards so I won’t be posting the ad here. haha