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Calling OBD/Torque nerds!

(Because I always type ODB out of habit)

Coupla questions if you'd be so kind:

1) I have one of those cheap bluetooth OBD/ELM327 cartridge things and want to use my phone to give some readouts via Torque (or some better app someones gonna tell me about hint hint) but getting the thing out of the socket in my Foz is ridiculously tight and needs needlenose pliers! so is it practical to have it permanently in place, basically would it cause any noticeable voltage drain to be there with the car off? (forgive me, electrics not my strong point)


2) Any tips on apps (Android) or tweaks to get the most out of Torque? what do you find the most useful gauges etc to have on display?

Cheers! have a err....umm, a Vauxhall Viva HC (first car I ever drove) for your trouble.

(edit because I forgot! shut up, its nearly 3am)

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