Edit: So apparently there’s TWO light green w/ blue striped wires in the same harness/bundle. A forum confirmed it’s the light green w/blue wire for the horn. But the one I wired up doesn’t get power, even with the key on. So I guess I’ll just have to try the other wire WITH THE SAME EXACT COLOR AND MARKINGS!

So I’ve definitively proven the horn switch in the steering wheel is bad. Now I just want to check with y’all to make sure I’ll be cutting the right wire to install a KUSTOM horn button/switch.


Big box on bottom left is cruise control module. small box on right is cruise control switches on the steering wheel. The small box right above that says “Horn system” and continues to horn breaker before returning to the brake switch.

So if I cut the light green/blue wire coming up from the cruise control box on the steering wheel. I won’t be fucking up anything else, like the cruise control or brake switch, will I?

Also the horn just needs to be grounded to sound. If that matters.


Also an update. It does have an airbag. I guess the cover just got stretched out or something so it feels like there isn’t one. Idk.

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