Calling Oppo Hive Mind

Soliciting career advice after the jump:

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So, here’s my situation. I’m a junior in college, and after spending two years in school with intent to graduate as a mechanical engineer, I’ve just switched gears and redeclared as a computer science major. I still love the idea of working in the automotive industry (preferably in a somewhat technical role).

I know people end up where they do for all kinds of reasons, and no two paths are identical, but what should I keep in mind while trying to reach this goal?


I’m surrounded by business/finance/investment banking undergrads who are already in the thick of applying and interviewing for serious jobs and internships. Some of them have even gotten post-grad offers almost two years in advance. It is overwhelming. I do not like it.

But instead of dwelling on all that, I wanna get a game plan together. I’d appreciate any advice oppo has to offer (and thanks for the reads)!

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