My 850R has a few places where the paint has flaked off around the wheel arches. The body is galvanised, so the rust hasn't taken hold too badly just yet, but it's beginning to show a bit of surface rust, and I want to get it protected before they start salting the roads this winter. The worst spot is in the photo, but each wheel arch has a few like that.

I had a spray can of paint made up in the right colour, and I was just going to slap on some rust killer, sand, prime, and paint the spots. However, the temperatures here have suddenly dropped from balmy 70s to a somewhat chiller 40-50 degrees, and it doesn't look as though there's going to be another warm day before winter sets in. I don't have access to a heated garage, and I gather that painting in those temperatures is a recipe for disaster. Is there anything that I can do to protect these spots over the winter (not driving it isn't really an option) just well enough that I can do a decent job of fixing them up come spring? It doesn't have to look pretty, so long as it gives me a chance to fix it up properly later on.

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