As you might recall, I did the rear lower control arm bushings on the $950Miata. After 100 miles, both sides of the rear look like the bushings are trying to walk away (same bushing on both sides). Thankfully I realized sooner than later. I thought that I had installed them correctly, but maybe not. Any idea what’s going on here and how to fix it?

(They are Energy 2 piece bushings. Only one half of the bushing is doing this. Other half is in there fine.)

I’m in the middle of a multi-weekend clutch job so I’ll definitely be taking care of this before going anywhere.


EDIT: As pointed out, I need big washers with this type of bushing that didn’t come with the stock setup or the kit.


In unrelated news, my daisy’s shipped off today for a nice young lad in Washington state who I connected with on Facebook. Damn shipping wheels/tires is expensive.


Bye Daisy!

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