Calling Photographer Oppos

I’m looking for a decent point-and-shoot that will take way better pictures than my cellphone, but not DSLR-level because I have an older DSLR that, while highly configure-able, it’s bulky and cumbersome just to take quick shots of average things. Extensive internet-review-reading led me to this:

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The Sony DSC-RX100. There are at least six variations, the oldest one coming from waaay back in 2012. But as far as I can tell, there aren’t a lot of differences between all the versions other than things like a rotating touchscreen, wifi connectivity, and a host of small improvements. The actual photo-taking credentials look nearly identical, while the price of a Mark VI is around $1,200; the Mark I is $369. Even the Mark II is $550, and all it does is wifi and a tilting rear screen, over the Mark I.

I really like the low-light capabilities of this camera, and the overall photo quality is supposed to be second to none. Sure, other cameras in this range may offer more modern features (which really means things like wifi and bluetooth), better zoom (not a big deal, I have the SLR with a huge zoom lens if I’m trying to shoot a cheetah in the Serengeti), or faster consecutive shots (this one already does 10/sec), 4k video recording (I don’t have a 4k TV)... but none of those really excite me. I want the best quality photos with no extra stuff I’ll never use. In a compact package.


This one seems hard to beat. What do you think?

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