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Calling Photography-Oppos!

Broke College Student in DC needs free/used/cheap DSLR and photography equipment. (Me)

His apprentice in Nashville (my 14 year old cousin) is shooting with older, crappier equipment, and aspires to do what I do, but I can’t afford to buy equipment for me alone if I wanted at this moment in time.

If you send me anything, I will prioritize my cousin so he can pursue his photography dreams in my trail. If you have any high-end, yet old equipment, I will take it to further my own operations here locally.


Hit me up. I will take the charity gladly.

If you have any tried-and-trusted T3is, D90s, 80Ds, 40s, D3100s...that you just want off your hands, I would be glad to give it to my cousin. The 20d is showing signs of age.

I shoot on a Canon system but am no stranger to Nikon, et. al.


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