Fun fact, this is sort of the same chassis as my first car...a hateful Chevrolet Malibu.

So, Oppo...hi, first post! God, I’m nervous! Um.

I kid. So, I’m in need of a new ride to replace my much-loved-but-kind-of-a-POS Focus that got wrecked a few weeks ago. I may be moving out of the country for work later in the year, so I’m not super eager to jump into something newer that’d have to be financed.

A friend of mine is bit of a Saab enthusiast, and recommended a 9-3 Turbo (he’s got one and loves it) that he found near my area. Here’s the ad in question.

I’ve done some light reading, but I still don’t know much about them. For how low the price is, it worth picking up, just in the interim? Figure Oppo’s small group of Saab-lovers might be able to help me out, I’ve seen a few in Jalopnik’s comment section.