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Camaro 2.0 Turbo: 1 Year of 1LE (Full impressions so far)

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Photo: Me

After a year of daily-driving a 2.0T Camaro 1LE (not to mention lots of autocrossing too) I’ve compiled all my impressions and reviews of the car here.


My initial impressions, before any track time, were positive:


I’ve posted up my autocross impressions on another site; (I’m building up a portfolio of more journalistic car-writing there) so feel free to check them out here:


Finally, I have high hopes for how it will do against similarly-engined competition in the form of the 4-Cylinder Toyota Supra:


What’s Oppo think of the 4-Cylinder Camaro as an enthusiast car? What else would you like to know? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year of daily & autocross driving and can’t wait to find more adventures.

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